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Mandated Programs

Scholarship Program:
This initiative aims to foster academic excellence among undergraduate members. Graduate chapters are tasked with providing financial aid to both student members and non-members. A portion of the fraternity’s global budget is specifically designated for scholarships managed by the Charles R. Drew Scholarship Commission.

Social Action:
The fraternity encourages all levels to engage in community upliftment through various activities. An international committee oversees and coordinates these programs across chapters. Examples include voter registration, educational campaigns, habitat projects, charitable endeavors, mentoring, and fundraising for organizations like the American Diabetes Association and United Way.

Talent Hunt Program:
This program supports talented youth in the Performing Arts by offering exposure, encouragement, and financial aid. Winners receive recognition for their talents, which may include college scholarships.

College Endowment Fund:
Annually, the fraternity allocates at least $50,000 to Historically Black College Institutions (HBCU) to support their philanthropic endeavors, with donations assessed based on chapter size.

Health Initiative:
Efforts to promote community health practices are coordinated internationally, with local chapters executing directives. Programs like the Charles Drew Blood Drive, AIDS/HIV Awareness, and partnerships with organizations such as the American Diabetes Association are part of this initiative.

Memorial Service:
Chapters conduct services on March 12th each year to honor members who have passed away.

Achievement Week:
Designed to recognize individuals contributing to black American life improvement, this week includes a High School Essay Contest, with winners receiving college scholarships.

Reclamation and Retention:
Aimed at retaining active members and reintegrating inactive ones into full participation within the fraternity.

Voter Registration, Education, and Mobilization:
Activities aimed at empowering communities through voting, with local chapters encouraged to undertake additional voter initiatives.

NAACP Membership:
All fraternity districts and chapters are required to maintain a Life Membership with the NAACP, with individual members strongly encouraged to join.

Fatherhood & Mentoring:
Encouraging fraternity participation in the Fatherhood Mentoring initiative.

Omega STEM:
Initiatives to stimulate global interest in STEM among students.

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