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RECAP: Harrisburg Teen Summit

In a youth forum titled "Our Lives Matter," students from Harrisburg High School SciTech Campus shared their experiences dealing with gun violence in the city.

The youth forum was organized by Harrisburg Councilwoman Jocelyn Rawls and the Kappa Omega Chapter of Omega Psi Phi Fraternity Inc., at Camp Curtin Academy in Harrisburg.

The teens also discussed the change in behaviors between students at Harrisburg High School and the SciTech campus, an issue they said comes from a lack of positive feedback.

Harrisburg Mayor Wanda Williams and Police Commissioner Thomas Carter were also in attendance to hear the dialogue and come up with solutions.

"If we want to make a change we gotta love each other," Commissioner Carter said.

Rawls also said she hopes to have these summits often, as change can't happen overnight.

Links to local coverage:

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